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HiTek Scuba is now... HiTek Scuba International

HiTek scuba has gone international... We now lead expeditions, conduct training, and sell trips to multiple countries!! We now do technical diver training in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and Ecuador, and are the first company to do so. If you are interested in traveling to Central America, South America, or even Asia for some great diving, and amazing exploration opertunities... give us a call!! We are SERIOUSLY going where very few divers... if any... are going!!

NEW Referral Program Nets You Cash

Are you a current or past HiTek Scuba diver?  HiTek Scuba believes that good people know good people!  So now you can cash in on that.  After you complete a course with us, refer a friend, family member, co-worker, etc. to come get there dive training at HiTek Scuba and if they've never taken one of our outstanding courses before you'll get $25.00 per student.  As long as they sign up and take something, you'll get a check for 25 bucks!! It's just that simple.  Now you can share your love of scuba with another, knowing that they'll get the same top notch training that you got, AND as a bonus you'll get $25 as our way of saying...thank you!

Simply tell your friends to tell us that you sent them, and as long as they are not a current student, the cash is yours.  There are no limits either, so refer 10 people that sign up for something and that's $250 in your pocket.  So get on the phone,  e-mail, face book, or whatever, and help put more highly trained divers in the world.

Addition of the new DSAT Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50 and Tec Trimix 65 programs are here.

In addition to the existing DSAT Tec deep programs, DSAT technical diver training now has four new options for the technical diver, and it's pretty exciting.  Take a look at the new format, you'll see that the once very long 12 dive program is now broken up into 3 shorter programs.  This allows time for the dive student to gain practical experience at a particular level before moving to the next.

  • DSAT Tec 40, certified to 40 meters (130 ft) with mild decompression profiles
  • DSAT Tec 45, certified to 45 meters (145ft) with heavier accelerated decompression obligations using 100% O2 deco gas
  • DSAT Tec 50, certified to 50 meters (165 ft) with heavier accelerated deco using two different deco gasses or a Deco and a bottom Stage
  • DSAT Tec 65 (Tec Trimix), certified to 65 meters (185 ft) with heavier accelerated deco using two different deco gasses and a bottom Stage or two AND Mixed gas Trimix Diving!!






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