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Underwater Photography / Digital Photo Specialty

Looking to shoot some great shots...this is a great starting place

This course is designed to be an introduction to basic underwater photography and to help the student diver develop the skills, knowledge and practical techniques necessary to enjoy this interesting activity.

This course covers basic underwater photography with special emphasis on practical photographic techniques. When HiTek Scuba conducts the Underwater Photographer course we include the following:

  • The planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of underwater-photography diving
  • Photographic principles, composition, film types, flash/available light photography and camera-handling techniques
  • The preparation, care and maintenance of photographic equipment

If the student wishes to take the Digital Photo Course then many similar principles apply, but with the emphasis and techniques focused around digital media and equipment. 

Prerequisites are Open Water Diver AND some cold water diving experience. In addition you will find that your ability to shoot good pictures also relies on great buoyancy skills.  If your not sure about yours, you might consider taking the Peak Performance Buoyancy Clinic prior to this class.

Course Cost is $175 and includes all materials (see below), two full class sessions (one before, one after the dives), two open water dives, and one confined water dive.  By this point in a divers training it is important that you are beginning to obtain your own equipment (rentals are available but having your own gear is preferred).  Underwater photography equipment is provided for class use, due to the risk of costly damage to equipment students will sign a damage agreement.  Several different pieces of software are also discussed and used for photo editing as part of the course.



The Learning Materials Included

Avoid the frustration of learning underwater photography through trial and error. The PADI Digital Underwater Photography crewpak shortens the learning curve with tips and hints from the pros. The crewpak includes the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Manual and submersible white balance slate. The course materials preview skills you’ll practice with your instructor. Once the course is over, use your manual as a reference guide as you explore new environments and to evolve your skills.





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