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Underwater Navigation Specialty

Why learn to navigate?

Underwater Navigator specialty course is an exiting course designed to give the diver training and experience with learning to navigate their way underwater.  It is usually conducted following or as part of the advanced open water certification.  The course is structured around three navigation dives conducted over two separate dive days.  Students are introduced to the planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of underwater navigation.  In addition, methods of estimating distances underwater and natural navigation techniques are studied.  Students learn to use underwater patterns and practice dive site relocation techniques, compass navigation techniques and are introduced to the "Nav Finder", a specially designed tool for underwater navigation.

Prerequisites are Open Water Diver AND some cold water diving experience. In addition this course can also be taken DURING or as part of your advanced open water program.

The course is made up of three open water dives and a classroom session.  Good underwater navigation techniques separate the confident divers who can lead.... from the followers.

Course Cost is $150 and includes all materials, the class time, the open water dives, tanks and air fills (if needed).  By this point in a divers training it is important that students begin to obtain  their own equipment (rentals are available but having your own gear is preferred).  A special slate called a "Nav Finder" is also included as part of the course fee.


The Learning Materials Included

Accurate navigation is based on thoughtful preparation. With that in mind: PADIís Navigation crewpak includes everything needed to complete the Underwater Navigation specialty. The manual and DVD preview the navigation skills youíll practice with your instructor both on land and underwater. Use the Nav-Finder to track where youíve been and chart the most direct route back to the boat or shore.

  • Padi Underwater Navigation Crew Pack (book and DVD)
  • PADI NAV Finder






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