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Drift and Current Diving Specialty

Drift Diving Can Be Like Riding Your Favorite Amusement Park Ride

The Drift Diving Specialty Course teaches you the adrenaline side of diving.  Rather than sitting in one place watching the marine life and checking out a relatively small area, drift dives enable you to literally "fly" through the water at a speed equal to the current that the water is traveling.  Sometimes this might be several knots.  It's OK though, you're doing it on purpose.

The course is made up of two open water dives and a classroom session.  Some of the major differences in drift diving that you'll need to learn are the differences in the logistics and equipment required to safely drift dive.

  • Compare and contrast the two general types of drift diving and under what circumstances each type could be used.
  • Explain why some form of surface supervision is recommended when drift diving, and by what methods this supervision can be provided.
  • List the two common types of surface reference floats and their comparative advantages and disadvantages.
  • Identify the type of line that should be used with a surface reference float and how the line should be controlled.
  • Explain the most important criterion for selecting a boat for drift diving, and why it is important for the operator to be familiar with drift diving procedures.
  • List two types of surface signaling devices used for drift diving.

Prerequisites are Advanced Open Water Diver AND some cold water diving experience. In addition you will find that your ability to properly control your buoyancy will be very important when your drift or current diving.  If you are not sure how solid your buoyancy skills are we highly recommend the Peak Performance Buoyancy Clinic prior to this class.

Course Cost is $150 and includes all materials, the class time, and the open water dives. Due to fact that drift diving in the PNW must be done from a boat, the boat charter fees are additional to the course fee. By this point in a divers training it is important that a student begins to obtain their own equipment (rentals are available but having your own gear is preferred).  Additional drift diving specialty equipment is provided for class use such as floats, reels, dive flags, SMB's, etc. 


The Learning Materials Included

Learning Materials include the PADI Drift Diving Crew Pack with DVD, and special add on information unique to HiTek Scuba.  We've added some valuable information about current diving in the Pacific Northwest.  Resources that you just won't find elsewhere.






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