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PADI Seal Team Program

Finally something for our local youth is here!!!

HiTek Scuba is proud to present PADI SEAL Team classes specially designed for kids age 8-11.

We believe that starting our youth off on the right foot in and round the water is fundamental for fostering a healthy respect and appreciation for water activities as they mature.  So we've started conducting PADI SEAL Team classes through various pool facilities around the Portland / Beaverton area.

Take a look at some of the cool pictures of kids having fun in the pool over on the right.

"We use special equipment that we purchased just for the kids," comments HiTek's Director Cliff Cammert.  "Some of our sessions are a bit crazy trying to get all of the students sized properly." He continued, "But by the second session things get dialed in and they run much smoother."

Thanks to some help from some of HiTek's staff, some last minute equipment changes saved the day.

"Andy was a huge help in getting all the gear setup and keeping the student divers safe during the pool activities," Stated Cliff. "It was key to having a successful day for sure."


HiTek Scuba uses special BCD's sized for the 50lb youngsters with special small sized mouthpieces to allow the younger kids to get the regulators in their mouth.  In addition, we use very small tanks (19, 30, and 40 cubic feet) so that they able to hold the weight easily.  Special masks and fins were also needed because of their small size.

HiTek Scuba believes in safety above all else, and we want parents to feel comfortable and confident that while their children are in our care, every possible precaution is being implemented in a fun, but serious way.


During their first session, the kids just get used to the idea of breathing underwater.  It's a challenge at first because kids at this age have usually only been in the water on the surface, so the idea of staying underwater is pretty foreign.  They sure grab at the idea quickly though.

"These kids are pretty fearless," says Cameron Cliffton, the instructor for this particular class, "I was amazed at how none of them seemed to let little things bother them."  


It's really important for the student's first experience to be filled with affirmation that they are doing well.  Lots of "high fives" and "good jobs" help the students continue to grow in their skills and confidence.

"I have to be careful sometimes," explained Cam, "sometimes I get them laughing a bit TOO much underwater and their masks leak.  They don't seem to mind much though."  

Not just about scuba diving, the activities teach youngsters how to work together and help one another as well.  We like to see them grow friendships that cross school lines and grades.

"Diving is new to all of them" Cam noticed, "so having someone that is close to their age going through the same things together seems to help make learning easier and more fun."  


The Fun Part

The best part of the Specialty Aqua Missions is they reinforce save diving skills while the kids are having fun. PADI Seals get to sample a wide variety of dives.

In addition, it provides parents with a structured program that lets their children develop skills, learn about the aquatic environment and have a lot of good, clean fun. This is also an excellent way to introduce kids to scuba diving prior to going into a full Junior Open Water Diver certification.

What You Learn

The PADI Seal Team program is broken into two parts.

Part one, AquaMissions 1 - 5, teaches kids the basics of diving - things like buoyancy control, mask clearing, regulator recovery, etc.

After building a solid foundation of scuba skills, kids move on to part two. Part two is full of specialty AquaMissions, which usually last about an hour.

PADI Seal Team

  • Helps children learn responsibility
  • Teaches children about the aquatic environment
  • Is a fun pool-only experience
  • Is conducted by certified, trained PADI Professionals

The Scuba Gear You Use

Children use all the basic scuba gear, which is made for their size and stature.

The Learning Materials You Need

Calling all Seal Team recruits: The Seal Team crewpak includes everything a PADI Seal Team member needs to prepare for their Aqua Missions. Video on DVD? Check! Activity book? Check! Log book pages? Check!  You are now cleared for an underwater adventure . . .



PADI Seal Team Crew Pak



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