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Discover Local Diving Program

If you've been out of the circuit a while (you know who you are).  Getting back into it can be as easy as signing up for this class.  If you're an active diver, but are new to the North West, we can show you the ropes in a safe and enjoyable way.

We'll start with the pre-requisites:

  • Open Water Diver or above certified
  • YEP...that's it!!

First, let's find out how "rusty" you really are.  During the class orientation we'll conduct a brief interview to help determine the needs of each diver.  You'll complete a basic knowledge review quiz that will help shake the cobwebs out of your head...do you remember your tables?  How about ascent rules? Flying after diving?  Then after the interview, we'll schedule you for a skills assessment in the pool.  Based on how you do on everything, we'll recommend what we think would be right for you for your dive training path.

If you are pretty rusty in the knowledge area, we recommend the one class review of basic dive knowledge.  This is a quick way to get help either remembering what you learned in open water class, or catching up on how theories have changed since you were in a class room last. See additional options below.


If your diving skills are where you need some brushing up, we can take you to a local pool to get wet and run through a few skills circuits.  This is also a great thing to do before heading off for that tropical getaway you have planned.  Especially if your most recent dive was during the LAST tropical getaway you went on. See additional options below.

Once you are all caught up...time to learn a bit about Pacific Northwest Diving.  HiTek Scuba conducts a special class room session on the in's and out's of cold water diving and learning how to plan a dive in the PNW.

Remember Scuba is ABSOLUTELY a "USE IT OR LOSE IT" activity.  If you haven't dove for a while, don't kid yourself, your are a potential danger to yourself and everyone around you.  DON'T go jumping back in the water without a , certified, trained, insured, professional as your safety net to help you get back in the game.

Topics include:

Cold Water Equipment Consideration


  • What kind of exposure protection do I need?
  • What about weights, how much should I wear?
  • With the different conditions here do I need a light?
  • Which pieces of my current gear will work in cold water?
  • What gear will I need to add to what I have now?

Local Environment Considerations


  • What's the water temperature?
  • What about the visibility?
  • Are there currents to worry about?
  • What type of diving is there? Boat? Shore?
  • What about the shore entry?
  • What kind of life is there?
  • Is there anything dangerous that I should watch for?

Pacific Northwest Dive Planning


  • What times of year is the best to go?
  • How do I know when to get in the water?
  • How do I read a local tide table?
  • What's the difference between a tide and current table?
  • Which is best?
  • Where do I find out about different dive sites?
  • Is the information reliable? How do I tell?

DO YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THESE QUESTIONS? Before you go for a dive here in the PNW you definitely should know ALL of these things.  If you'd like to know, then just sign up for the Discover Local Diving Course and you'll learn it all, and more, for yourself.

After you've got a handle on how we do it, it's time to do it for yourself!
As part of your basic course fee we'll take you on a guided trip to a local PNW dive site in the Puget Sound.  We'll pick a spot that is chosen based on your skill and experience level.  You'll get a good introduction to diving here in your own backyard.

Course Fee $95.00 - includes the PNW diving class session and two guided open water dives.  Students need to have (or rent) their gear and we can help you with that.

Optional Fee of $45.00 - includes the basic diving knowledge review and update and consists of a 2 hour class session.  The focus of this session is to fill in the gaps from your open water course. Dive physics, physiology, tables, basic rules, equipment, etc.

Optional Fee of $65.00 - includes the pool session skills circuit.  Two hours of pool time and equipment setup review.  Plenty of time to shake the dust off your gear and get back into dive mode.  If after your brief water assessment your skills need some polishing, or if you just want it for your self confidence, a full pool session is hard to beat.  You'll find that until you actually perform a skill with an instructor watching, you might not know just how rusty your skills really are.

Save some money and get it all for only $155.00 (That's over 20% OFF) So that's two class sessions tailored to your needs, a pool session to practice skills, and the guided open water adventure.  If you're wanting to get back into diving....you just can't beat this deal.

It's important to remember that diving with an experienced instructor right there with you is one thing...preparing to go it on your own is quite a different matter.  Take your skills to a higher level with our help.




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