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Junior Open Water Diver Program (Camp Version)

Welcome to the HiTek Scuba Junior Open Water Program.  This is the first of three pages that shows and describes a little bit of what goes on in the Junior Open Water Program.  HiTek Scuba has the only Junior Open Water Program of it's kind in the Portland area, and probably in most of the PNW.  We combine the diving expertise of our Director, with the middle school teaching credentials of a local middle school teacher, as well as environmental educators and marine life specialists to make this a true learning experience.

This page shows the pool portion of the program.  Follow the links to the left to move onto the classroom sessions and the open water diving that also goes with this program.

Every year, we spend a week with twelve....that's right...twelve middle school kids.  These great kids spent 6 hours a day for 5 days learning all about scuba diving, and working toward their Junior Open Water Diver certification.  After the week, many of them then continue on for another two days completing their open water check out dives.  It was an incredible experience that we want to share with everyone.  So take a look and see what all the fun was about.


First we have to get our masks, snorkels and fins on...defogged, and adjusted correctly.  Everyone needed to get a mask that fit properly so it wouldn't leak.  At least not too much.
Once we all had the masks ready, it was time to get the surface support in place to help the students get into their gear.  This was their first time in the water, so we were after the easiest entry style possible.  The "controlled seated" entry.
It's a big group, so help from our friendly Dive Masters made the job go smoothly.  The tanks can be a bit heavy and awkward until you get used to it, so hands on assistance was definitely welcomed.
Once in the water we had to make a few adjustments, and recheck our gear.  Better check everything now so that the students are as comfortable as possible underwater during their training.
A couple of our kids were pretty small (about 70 pounds) so we had to use some of our special equipment, suited for the smaller frames.  We don't want them to swim right out of their gear.
OK everyone, take your regulators in your right hand!  We're going to breathe from them right here on the surface first so that you get used to how it feels.  It's cool your going to sound like Darth Vader.
I few more explanations before we go down.  Watch your instructor all the time to see his hand signals.  Don't worry, it's easy. 
After her first experience breathing underwater, this is the definition of a "happy camper".  
After obtaining some basic skills in the shallow end, it's time to move into the deep end and work on some more advanced stuff.  Are you ready to go down?
Learning to assemble your own gear properly is a very important part of Scuba certification.  It is also pretty cool as well!
This camp was not a baby sitting course.  Each and every student diver needed to learn how, and actually do, all of there own stuff.  We didn't do it for them.  This is a good example of learning to take responsibility for your own safety.





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