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Our Mission - ....and yours should you choose to accept it....

.... is to provide the best instruction possible, using the most proven techniques possible, with the most reliable equipment possible, in the safest way possible, to create the best trained divers in the world.... possible!


About Us

HiTek Scuba International is dedicated to providing top notch scuba classes for all diving levels in multiple location throughout the world. We have first rate staff that will make sure that your dive training experience is safe, challenging, and enjoyable, but SAFE above all else.  Check out a few of our core PADI programs. These are our entry level PADI courses that are available for the novice or advanced level diver. Whether you need training in specialties such as Search and Recovery, Wreck Diving, Night Diving or any of our other specialties, our Director will make sure that you get what you need. 

Are you just starting out? Not sure what questions to ask? Check out our comparison page for open water training.  You can begin your underwater exploration TODAY!

With more than 19 years of experience in scuba training, our owner and director, Cam Cliffton, is an expert in a variety of scuba diving disciplines from deep diving to search and recovery, to Wreck Diving, Nitrox, Technical Diving and Trimix, as a bonus he's also a Nationally Registered Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT-W), for that little bit of added piece of mind.

In business since 2002, HiTek Scuba is locally owned and operated, but dive training can be conducted in the Pacific Northwest or throughout Central America.  We believe strongly in the PADI system of diver education, and use only the latest in multimedia training techniques and materials to maximize your learning experience.  We are also a DAN partner and participate in Divers Alert Network programs with certified DAN instructors who can certify you in many of the DAN life saving courses. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced level scuba diver, get more training with our competitively priced classes at HiTek Scuba International!


HiTek Scuba is based out of Beaverton Oregon and San Jose Costa Rica, and serves the entire Pacific Northwest, and most of the Central American region.


The Best Advanced Diver Training Around

Are you having a hard time finding advanced training like Specialties that never seem to be scheduled at your local shop?

Have you taken a specialty course or two only to find out that you already knew most of what was being taught?

Have you ever thought..."There has got to be more to it than this."

Well we have.  That's one of the founding principles that led us to create HiTek Scuba in the first place.  We were sick of seeing "advanced" level students out there that were still feeling like they got the bare minimum.


EXAMPLE:  Take a look at many of the Wreck Diving Classes out there:

-Little or no class work
-Four little dives on a pile of wood (called a wreck but is it really?)
-No opportunity for penetration diving
-Very little training on the use of reels
-No training on low or no visibility procedures
-No training on line communications or protocols

This is just one example - We say...enough of this!  Take a quick look at our Wreck Class.

Maybe you've thought about taking  a Deep Dive Course!
Want to learn proper setup and use of emergency decompression equipment?
How about how to calculate your SAC or RMV, what's the difference between the two anyway?
Want to actually learn how decompression really works.  What makes up the latest algorithms being used by both recreation and technical divers alike now days?

Looking for a REAL Nitrox course.  One that will make you a confident Nitrox user, not just an introduction. Our Nitrox class is taught by an instructor that is a certified gas blender and uses mixed gas on almost every dive...you can't ask a question that's too "involved" for a good explanation.

Give us a try...pick a specialty...you won't be disappointed.


Contact Information

Located in:
Beaverton, Oregon
Electronic mail:
General Information: questions@hitekscuba.com





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