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Remote Emergency Medical Oxygen (REMO2TM)

The DAN Remote Emergency Medical Oxygen (REMO2TM) system module supplements the DAN Oxygen First Aid in Scuba Diving Injuries course. Based on medical closed-circuit oxygen re-breather technology, the REMO2TM device provides injured divers with high concentrations of emergency oxygen for extended periods. This training course instructs the Oxygen Provider in the use of DAN's new REMO2TM system.


You know the importance of oxygen as a first aid measure for decompression illness. But, what happens when you have more ocean than oxygen between you and advanced medical care?
The DAN Remote Emergency Medical Oxygen (REMO2TM) system is an affordable way to extend the oxygen supply of your DAN oxygen unit. The system absorbs carbon dioxide from an injured diver's expired air and replaces the small amounts of oxygen the diver uses, allowing the diver to rebreathe the exhaled oxygen.
The REMO2TM system extends the duration of a standard oxygen Jumbo "D" cylinder up to eight hours (an approximate eight-fold increase). If you dive in remote areas, the DAN REMO2TM system should be part of your safety plan.

COST - $65 per student to HiTek (4 hours of class room) -  Prerequisites: DAN Oxygen First Aid  - Max 6 students


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