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Welcome to the HiTek SCUBA International website. World Class dive training!!

We're glad you're here. Please take some time and browse the plethora of diving information that is available within this site. HiTek SCUBA International is a premium dive training company based in Beaverton Oregon, San Jose Costa Rica, and serving the Pacific Northwestern United States, and Central America. We train all levels of divers starting them as young as eight years old and continuing on to the most advanced levels of technical dive training. We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for all of your dive training needs. Click on our about us page for more detailed information regarding who we are and what we're all about.


HiTek SCUBA provides the absolute top-notch instruction possible using all of today's latest technology. This is evident in the quality and time we have spent on the website itself.  We think you'll find that this is the best scuba diving related website, with the most information, and most detail of classes, class descriptions, and information relating to training for today's scuba diver. 


The links located on the left side of the page represent the main categories of the various classes that we offer, in addition, we have various sections of the website with special pages located at the top of the page. As with all websites this is a work in progress so check back often as we are continuously adding new content. You'll find that all of the categories listed on the left are then further broken down into subcategories all the way to the individual classes that you might be looking for. So keep digging and we are sure you'll find the level of information that you're looking for.


In the coming months, our plan is to add many different pages that will help the diver with their dive planning, research, and information gathering relating to dive sites and general diving in the Pacific Northwest.  We have spent quite a bit of time researching the existing diving related websites that pertain to the Pacific Northwest and have found there to be a significant lacking of information relating to dive training available. We hope that this website will continue to fill in the gaps for potential dive students that might be looking to get certified or continue their training.


Thanks for looking and we hope you enjoy the information that we have been able to provide and we think that you will find it useful.